You can save both the environment and money with cross docking. We offer cross docking and terminal services in the production country where costs are low, such as at our facilities in China and Lithuania.

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A majority of consumer goods are produced in Asia and the Baltics, and a large part of the cost of the goods is related to freight and handling.

A good cross docking solution in the Baltics, Europe or Asia can give you several benefits

  • provide you with lower freight costs

  • make your company more environmentally friendly

  • gives you better control over the flow of goods

How we do it

  • we move terminal services to Asia where costs are generally lower

  • we are collecting goods from various suppliers/manufacturers to our terminals

  • we pack and make the goods ready for distribution and send them directly to individual shops in Europe 

  • dedicated staff reduce errors

  • we ship your goods to a port as close to the recipient as possible

  • fewer transfers

  • quality control by scanning for online traceability, every package is scanned

Cross docking and own offices in Asia

  • China; Shanghai, Xiamen, Yantian/ Shenzhen and Tianjin/Xingang

  • India; New Delhi 

  • Agents in; Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines and Sri Lanka