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Road transport to and from the Baltics – let your goods ride with us

Do you need transport in the Baltics? We handle all types of import/export assignments. We have regular schedules between the Baltics and Scandinavia and all Europe’s major hubs.
  • We pick-up the shipment from your supplier and can deliver directly to your recipient!
  • Groupage consignments are loaded together for further distribution
  • Experienced personnel issue all required export and customs documents to ensure smooth border crossings
  • At our terminal in Klaipeda the goods are packed together, labelled and scanned and distributed to Scandinavia or the rest of Europe.
  • We can help you with cross-docking and can act as your quality assurer to give you good control over the consignment.
  • Booking via email, EDI or web – each package is traceable online by the use of PDAs and a web-based track & trace system – follow your goods journey!

Do you have something to be transported? Contact us for an offer on the best and most profitable transport solution for you.

Groupage 0-2500kg
Consignments shipped as groupage will be picked-up and delivered by drivers with local knowledge.

Part-loads +2500kg
Direct delivery or via terminal. Particular pick-up or delivery conditions.

We are good at customer service and promise you personalised service – we will help you with:
  • Booking
  • Tracking
  • Delivery times
  • Prices
  • Invoice questions
  • Quality reports
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Luca Giovanelli, Managing Director Italy
Luca Giovanelli
Managing Director Italy
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Customer service

We pride ourselves on our customer service and promise you personal service.  We assist you with:
  • Bookings
  • Tracking
  • Delivery times
  • Prices
  • Invoices
  • Quality reports

Call us or send an email.
+39 059 7132162
Expertise across Scandinavia
Expertise across Scandinavia
ColliCare have built-up both our competence in international shipping and our distribution network and like to call ourselves Scandinavia Specialists!