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New rail service Italy -Sweden!

We are happy to announce that ColliCare Logistics AB launches Import & Export train between Italy and Sweden. 

In spring 2023, our first direct train departs from the terminal in Cremona in Italy to Skaraborg in Sweden. We are excited to be able to offer our customers a fast, affordable and reliable solution that is efficient and environmentally friendly! A lot of customers have already made contact and ColliCare is looking brightly at the future with freight by rail.


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"The train will run directly from the terminal in Cremona in Italy to the terminal in Skaraborg in Sweden, with one of the shortest transit times on the market of 2 days terminal to terminal. This means fast, affordable and reliable transport of goods for our customers. It will run on a weekly basis with a departure on Saturday and with arrival in Skaraborg on Monday afternoon, with the possibility of further delivery out in Sweden from Tuesday onwards." says Per Zachrisson, Chief Development Officer Rail at ColliCare.

The ColliCare train will be a somewhat unique offering on the market, both ColliCare Norway and ColliCare Sweden have high ambitions with the new service.

“We choose to invest in this now to be able to offer transport between Italy and Sweden with the best price and the shortest possible lead time. This is also the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to transport cargo."

Per Zachrisson, Chief Development Officer Rail, ColliCare Group

"It is strategically important for us to have an environmental focus, and this train is a step in the right direction”, says Per Zachrisson, Chief Development Officer Rail at ColliCare Logistics. “We already have an established rail service since 2017 that runs fully loaded every week from the terminal in Parma, Italy to Rolvsøy in Norway”.

Environmental focus

Increased investments in rail service are in line with the environmental agenda of most industries these days. ColliCare have high hopes that this new initiative of offering new alternative and more environmentally friendly solutions will be a success.

ColliCare Sweden is investing heavily in product development and this is an important part of the plan to transfer cargo from road to rail. ColliCare is committed to follow the Paris Agreement and do what’s necessary to reach the 1,5 degree target.

"Over the years, ColliCare has demonstrated great flexibility and adaptation that suits Jula's constant development of supply of cargo to our stores. This new investment in a rail solution between Italy and Sweden further strengthens our long-standing partnership with a focus on more sustainable transport solutions”. says Lennart Karlsson CEO Jula Logistics, and Pietro Montebovi Freight Manager, Jula Logistics.


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Nicola Lamorte

Nicola Lamorte

Sales Manager
Per Zachrisson

Per Zachrisson

Chief Development Officer Rail