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Price adjustments per 1st of January 2021

Due to the changes in the transport and logistics market, we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to implement a price increase valid from 1st of January 2021

Capacity is pushed to the limits, and prices are increasing as a consequence.  

Our 2021 price increase;

  • Distribution Scandinavia; 4,6%

  • Home Delivery; 4,6%

  • International transport Europa, road, rail and sea; Export; 6,9%  -  Import 4,6%

  • Customs services and fees; 4,6%

  • Storage services; 4,6%


Toll is kept outside price adjustments on distribution services and will be charged according to current rates.

Please contact your sales representative or customer service if you have any questions, or send us an e-mail: [email protected]