Part loads, less than truckload (LTL) are shipments weighing 2,500 kg payable weight or more, direct shipment from sender to receiver. You decide the pick up location, and we deliver where your receiver wishes.

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Part load cargo

  • consignments weighing from 2,500 kg or more

  • for part load distribution the packaging must be appropriate for the goods to withstand co-loading, without damaging other goods

  • part load service operates on agreed lead times approximating the delivery schedule for groupage 

  • booking deadline is 14:00, unless otherwise agreed

  • goods for part load distribution must be labelled by the sender, as well as being electronically transmitted or created with us before pickup

  • easy access for big trucks is important when sending partial shipments 

Booking through e-mail, EDI or web -  each shipment is traceable in our web-based track and trace system



Part loads, less than container/truck loads (LCL/LTL),

describing goods only filling containers or trucks partially, cannot fully occupy the container or truck – is lower volume than a Full Truckload (FTL) shipment.

  • economical solution

  • cost effective, charges only for cargo space taken up

  • consolidation

  • rates can be provided per m², loading meter, block pallet and euro pallet

  • flexibility

  • variety of shapes, packagings, sizes

  • multimodal capabilities

  • improve delivery times and loading and unloading operations

  • perhaps reduced environmental footprint as well, rather than shipping single shipments