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Terror stops ships from passing through Suez Canal

Update 17th of January

The situation in the Red sea area is still very tense, and traffic through the Suez Canal is not possible. The shipping lines are struggling with lack of containers from some countries like Bangladesh and Turkey. From China, India and Pakistan the situation with equipment seems under control and most cargo from these countries have been shipped as planned. However, the problems in the Suez combined with Chinese New Year may cause some imbalance in the capacity from China in the weeks to come.

Do you need your cargo urgently, we can arrange air freight.  We will keep our customers updated on their containers on the way. Please contact us for any questions regarding this matter.

Update 22nd of December

Unfortunately, the situation is still not under control. We see shipping lines daily are adjusting rates, and as long as there are no solution for this unfortunate closing of the Suez, we do not know when rates and transit times will stabilize.

We are in close contact with all affected customers with updates on the containers in the sea.

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you need to discuss solutions and different options.

Terror stops ships from passing through Suez Canal, forcing shipping lines to change routes.

Recent terrorist attacks are causing turmoil in the global supply chain, affecting international shipping, causing delays and increasing costs.
The Houthi militia's increased assaults on trade vessels have compelled major container shipping companies to avoid the Suez Canal.

Controlling over half of the global container fleet, the shipping companies have stopped traffic through the Bab el Mandeb strait, increasing the route length. The new route leads the ships around the southern tip of Africa.
Sea freight rates will be affected, and surcharges may be implemented.

We are in close contact with the shipping lines and will continue to monitor the situation. More changes might be made to ensure the safety of the vessels.

This news article will be updated when we get information.

Please contact your sales contact or our customer service if you have any questions.