All claims against ColliCare are checked against the weight limitation rules. This means that the weight of the goods can in some cases affect the amount of compensation.


The rates used for calculation with the weight limitation rule are those that apply under the Norwegian Carriage of Goods by Road Act.

Currently the following rates apply:

  • 17SDR per gross kilo (Domestic)
  • 8,33SDR per gross kilo (International)
  • 2SDR per gross kilo (Sea)

Weight limitation calculations can often provide an unexpected result, which as a customer can sometimes be perceived as unfair. See the following example:

Damaged goods with a net value of NOK10,000 weighing 2KG:
17SDR*NOK11,50*2KG =  NOK391.
In such a case, as the above example, a customer without transport insurance would only recover NOK391 for this claim.

We can in many cases agree that this is both illogical and perhaps unfair, but this is what the legislation states.

What can you as an owner of goods do?

Take out a goods transport insurance and avoid unpleasant surprises!

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