Run the quality check before shipping the goods. We have a local presence in the major manufacturing regions of India and China, and dedicated employees who take responsibility for quality control – we would like to be "your partner".


Non esitare a contattarci se hai delle domande


Finding reputable suppliers and follow-up manufacturers can be challenging in Asia, due to cultural differences, language and geographic distance. Besides, there are demands for compliance with social responsibility and ethical trading guidelines, such as working conditions, terms for employees and child labour issues.

As your partner in Asia we can:

  • follow-up your suppliers and ensure they follow your company's requirements for standards
  • we follow-up production continuously, to ensure delivery times are met
  • we carefully check the finished product following checklists prepared by your company
  • packing are quality controlled before the goods begin their long journey from East to West
  • quality control by scanning for online traceability - each package is scanned
  • we send you a detailed inspection reports and photographs from "your partner in Asia."
  • result: The goods will arrive at your warehouse or your customer at the right time, and with the right quality
  • full Controlled logistics from order to delivery with eCare, a simple web-based tool

What else do you need in Asia?

  • warehousing
  • cross docking
  • consolidation/combined loads
  • pick and pack
  • labelling
  • security tagging and pricing for retail
  • IT integration


Camilla Skjervold

Camilla Skjervold

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer