Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure logistics are often associated with challenging, complex and expensive projects. The scope of the project will often involve many suppliers, logistics systems, as well as safety and risk management.

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Our infrastructure department can assist your projects, whether the project relates to an airport, port, road system, railway system, bridge, tunnel, high-voltage line, cable system, transformer installation or another area entirely.

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We will provide you with all the available options and help you identify the most favourable solution with regard to

  • equipment

  • cost

  • time

  • safety

  • quality

  • risk

  • required permits

Infrastructure logistics services

  • inspections with subsequent methodological studies

  • safety and risk analysis

  • project-adapted modes of transport

  • cranes

  • warehousing services

  • supercargo/personnel services 

  • material supply

  • insurance


We can guarantee a seamless infrastructure project and will be available 24/7