Our logistics solutions for the maritime industry are based on our insights into industry requirements and our solutions comprise a combination of elements such as logistics, transport, maritime services, project management, risk management, customer service and management.

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Specialist expertise in maritime logistics

Our experience indicates that the maritime industry is committed to finding an easily accessible logistics supplier with short response times and a flexible approach to identifying solutions that are customised to the customer’s needs and requirements. We like to say that we think outside the box and work smarter 


Our maritime logistics services

  • global transport, road, sea, air and rail

  • forwarding

  • chartering of vessels

  • chartering of aircraft

  • project management

  • risk and safety management

  • arranging and delivering towing

  • arranging and delivering piloting 

  • shipping agent

  • loading and unloading operations

  • warehousing

  • procurements and supplies, for example arranging third-party deliveries such as welders, electricians, consumables, etc.

  • other logistics services as required


Specialist in maritime logistics projects and special cargo – prepared to assist you 24/7