The coordination of the supply chain for oil companies is time-consuming and requires resources and special expertise.

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Our experienced team can offer logistics solutions for rigs, maritime vessels and installations. We can manage anything from single shipments to integrated and adapted “one-stop-shop rig logistics solutions”.

We can supply rig logistics services linked to

  • semi sub rigs

  • jack up rigs

  • floatel rigs

  • drilling vessels

  • tender rigs

  • FPSOs
    - with integrated and adapted logistics services, regardless of whether the water is deep, shallow or ultra-deep


Operational services

  • arrival and coordination of the vessel

  • crew management

  • 24/7 onshore support services

  • coordination of vessel mobilisation and demobilisation

  • equipment and barges 

  • procurement

  • ensuring that risks are minimised and efficiency is maximised

  • cost and warehouse control

  • product knowledge and understanding of service requirements


Services associated with rig logistics

  • global freight forwarding

  • sea chartering

  • air chartering

  • project management

  • risk management

  • arranging and delivering towing vessels

  • arranging and delivering pilot vessels 

  • crew changes

  • overnight accommodation

  • VISA applications

  • transport

  • loading and unloading

  • handling

  • warehousing

  • safety

  • procurements and supplies, for example arranging third-party deliveries such as welders, electricians, consumables, etc.

  • all logistics services required for the rig stay

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