The shipyard industry is project-driven and requires complete focus to meet project requirements and demands throughout the entire supply chain. We customise transport and logistics solutions for shipyards and offshore yards. 


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Shipyard logistics

Shipyards and offshore yards usually deliver their ships at the yard, which requires minimum outbound logistics. However, there is great potential for cost savings in connection with inbound logistics.

Our team can handle anything from single shipments, for example small spare parts, to complete shipyard logistics projects or integrated and adapted shipyard logistics solutions.


Logistics services for the shipyard industry

  • global chartering

  • forwarding

  • chartering of vessels

  • chartering of aircraft

  • project management

  • risk and safety management

  • arranging and delivering towing

  • arranging and delivering piloting 

  • loading and unloading operations

  • warehousing

other logistics services as required

Your contact person

You will only need to deal with a single contact person for the entire project.

We will visit all ships and vessels in person and will communicate directly with vessels/shipping companies throughout the entire project period. We have high levels of expertise when it comes to safety-related work.